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QBM has developed the ability to complete long conveyor change-outs with multiple splices in very short down times to help limit our customers' loss of production. The splices on Long Overland Conveyors are extremely critical in the success of the overall belt life. QBM is approved by all major Conveyor Belt Manufacturers for the specialized splicing of their belting. We also focus on using the best materials available for each individual job with an end goal that will give you splices that will last the life of the belt. We have 9 conveyor belt winders with various belt widths and lengths in mind for their use. These belt winders can change anything from a few hundred feet of small 24" or 36" belt to several miles of Long Overland Belt.

Limit your Downtime to Maximize Productivity

QBM has developed the ability to finish very large jobs in a very short period of time. We have been successful in changing steel cable belting with multiple splices in less than 24-hours and changing several thousand feet of fabric belting within 36 hours. Belts normally take a substantial amount of time to splice and pull in utilizing plant personnel and outside

service companies in a combined effort to replace longer belts. If you have a long or difficult conveyor to change out and would like to go the fast and efficient way, contact us for a courtesy visit and review of your system. With very large, very difficult jobs, we find our crews traveling long distances from our shop locations and working in areas where local splice companies' capabilities are limited; as well as covering our own geographical areas.

A few of the distant locations we have worked in are Tacoma, Washington; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Chicago, Illinois; Boston, Massachusetts; Decatur, Illinois; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Albuquerque, New Mexico; to mention a few. Give us a try on your large conveyor applications. You won't be disappointed.