Recycled Belting

QBM is a Major Recycler of Scrap Belting

The lifespan of a conveyor belt is highly dependent on the use it receives. When a belt requires replacing, QBM often repurposes the removed belts for a variety of different functions and industries. This helps keeps belting out of landfill and allows it to have new life in industrial, agricultural, and recreational settings.

Second Hand Conveyor Belt Creation

Second-Hand Conveyor Belting

Some industries require meticulous testing of conveyor belting, and belts may be removed when they still may be in good working order.  Industries that require frequent belt replacement, such as metal aggregate processing, can make use of these second-hand belts.

Purchasing second-hand belting allows our customers to receive quality materials that are functional, at a fraction of the cost.  QBM offers a large variety of used belting that can be cut to size to suit your requirements.  Our used belts come from a many different sources, including industrial, agricultural, and marine, and can be slit custom for your project.

Product Equipment Protection Pads

Used belting makes a perfect protection pad, shielding valuable equipment from wear and tear. We manufacture dock bumpers from our recycled belting, which can then be attached onto loading bays and equipment to prevent damage.

Product Equipment Protection Pads


Used conveyor belt has a wide range of applications in the agriculture industry. Our customers purchase custom belting to repurpose into rubber horse stall mats, cattle wind breaks, and more. Heavy duty rubber can be used for a grain pit cover and can be cut to size to suit your requirements.


QBM’s used belting is also often used for recreational and sporting activities. We sell custom slit conveyor belting to Go-Kart tracks, as well as golf courses. Used custom cut rubber makes great baseball bases and home plates, as well as hockey floor matting. You can even use our rubber as a boat protection mat.

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