Crane Lifting Conveyor BeltQuality Belt Maintenance Ltd. offers a wide range of conveyor belt maintenance services, including belt installations, general maintenance, troubleshooting, and belt splicing & repairs.

Limit your Downtime to Maximize Productivity

Without the right service technicians, belts can take a substantial amount of time to splice and pull in, utilizing plant personnel and outside service companies in a combined effort to replace longer belts.

QBM has developed the ability to finish large jobs in a very short period of time. We have been successful in changing steel cable belting with multiple splices in less than 24-hours and changing several thousand feet of fabric belting within 36 hours.

For large and difficult jobs, our crews will travel long distances from our shop locations, working in areas where local splice companies’ capabilities are limited; as well as covering our own geographical areas.

If you have a long or difficult conveyor to change out and would like to go the fast and efficient way, contact us for a courtesy visit and review of your system.

Services We Provide:

Conveyor Belt Attached Together24 Hour Emergency Field Services

While contract preventative maintenance on your belting system can help prevent emergencies, unexpected breakdowns still occur. QBM provides 24 Hour Field Service to limit your down time and allow you to get back to production as quickly as possible.

We are well established across North America, with 9 conveniently located branches in the United States and Canada. All of our branches offer 24 hour emergency field service.

QBM is a Canadian company with international scope. Our field technicians will travel to your job site anywhere in the world.

Contract and Preventative Maintenance

One of the best ways to avoid costly downtime is to complete regular preventative maintenance on your belting systems. Our experienced technicians are trained to spot possible future failures and can show your production maintenance the best way to extend the life of your belt.

We will also look for mistracking and make adjustments where necessary to prevent damage to the belt.

Troubleshooting, Training, Tracking & Alignments

At QBM, we have developed a Conveyor Belt Training Process through a use of modern laser equipment, conventional measuring devices, and years of training and experience.

Our specialized training process is most often utilized after plant personnel, belt manufacturers, and conveyor manufacturers have all failed to achieve a proper running conveyor belt on your system. Older systems will have had numerous adjustments without any consideration for re-alignment. This requires a specialized touch to retrain the system and allow the belt to run properly.

QBM has developed a training process recognized by the major Conveyor Belt Manufacturers in North America.

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